Getting started

Getting started with Maisie

Welcome to the Maisie family and congratulations on taking the first step in your conversational commerce journey!

Our primary objective here at Maisie is to make your e-commerce business more successful. We aim to achieve this by providing you with a suite of conversational sales, marketing and support tools that help you:

  1. Serve your customers better
  2. Increase your onsite conversion
  3. Generate leads across communication channels
  4. Reduce your support costs

Quick Set-up

To help you launch your chatbots quickly we created a quick set-up wizard that will help you create a chatbot that operates on all pages of your site. This chatbot can:

  • Show your customers your most popular products
  • Show your customers what's new in store
  • Answer common questions (FAQs) from your customers
  • Provide order status updates
  • Subscribe your customers to your newsletter

You will also be able to set up exit intent chatbots that can:

  • Offer to save your customers' shopping carts and send them a link via email or Messenger
  • Offer to notify your customers if the product they were looking at should drop in price in future

Watch the video below if you'd like a guided tour of how to use the Quick Setup Wizard.

Pro Set-up

To help you launch your chatbots quickly we have compiled a checklist with detailed instructions to help you navigate the Maisie platform and complete your setup properly. Please follow the steps in order – click the links below to see full instructions.