Meet Maisie

The conversational eCommerce chatbot with superhero skills for engaging your visitors and growing your online store.

Our mission

Empower retailers to build stronger relationships with their customers

The future of eCommerce is conversational - not promotional. That's why we've set out to help online retailers build more personal and profitable relationships with their customers. Our conversational eCommerce technologies help you create one-to-one dialogues at scale with hundreds, thousands, or millions of customers.

When you create a connection with your customers and help them achieve their goals, they will thank you with their continued loyalty.

Delightful Experiences

Striving to offer intuitive, frictionless experiences in every product we create.

Our values

Positive Relationships

Helping to build positive relationships with everyone we interact with.

Perfectionist Process

Focusing on doing one thing at a time - and doing it exceptionally well.

Our story

Bringing the brick 'n' mortar shopping experience to eCommerce

After running an online marketplace for boutique retailers, we realised that the eCommerce shopping experience wasn't offering customers an engaging, helpful experience. Live chat works well - but only with 24/7 support (which most stores can't offer).

This gave birth to the idea of Maisie - a digital assistant that could provide visitors with the same level of help and support that they receive in a physical store - helping them discover products, answer questions, and handle support requests on autopilot.

Shaun Johnson


Shaun leads the Marketing and Finance teams. He has 20+ years experience leading teams in technology-driven corporations and start-ups.

Bhavi Chadha


Bhavi leads the Product and Technology teams. He is an award-winning entrepeneur with a passion for customer-focused digital products.

Maisie's founders