Getting Started

How to customise Convo Flows for your website chatbots

When you create your Maisie account a number of conversational templates for Convo Flows for different pages is created for you automatically and set to unpublished status. These Convo Flow templates have been designed specifically for e-commerce stores so you can easily edit them and get your Website Chatbots up and running quickly. You don’t have to use these templates if you don’t wish to – you can create your own custom Convo Flows from scratch.

On the Convo Flows main screen you will see a list of the Convo Flows that were installed when you created your Maisie account. If you used the onboarding wizard, the All Pages Flow will be your primary Convo Flow, used across all pages on your site.

On the right of each Convo Flow you will see a red On/Off button if a Convo Flow is not published and a green On/Off button if it is published. You can click this button to publish or unpublish and Convo Flow.

The edit (pencil) icon is how you can view and edit any Convo Flow.

The trash can icon will delete a Convo Flow (careful, this cannot be undone!).

Once a Convo Flow is set to published it will be live on your website, as long as you have enabled Maisie on your website by toggling the ON/OFF switch on the dashboard main screen to the ON position.

To understand how to edit Convo Flows please read our guide to the Maisie Chatbot Builder if you haven’t already.