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How to customise the Newsletter Subscription Bot (Convo Module)

What does the Newsletter Subscription Bot do?

The Newsletter Subscription Bot (Convo Module) enables Maisie to offer your website visitors the option to subscribe to your email or Messenger list as part of a Convo Flow.

After opting in by providing an email address or connecting Facebook Messenger, subscribers will be sent a welcome email or message.

How do I customise the Newsletter Subscription Bot?

Follow the steps below to customise the Newsletter Subscription Bot for your store.

1. Visit the Convo Modules main screen using the navigation on the left of your Maisie Dashboard.

2. Click the edit icon on the right of the Subscribe Bot.

The Newsletter Subscription Bot Chatbot tab will be displayed.

3. Review all the elements of the convo. If you’d like to make any changes or additions hover over the item you’d like to change and click the edit or add icons accordingly. If you’re not familiar with how to do this please read our Maisie Chatbot Builder tutorial before continuing.

4. Save any changes you make before continuing.

5. Click the Messenger tab. This displays the message that will be sent to a customer who opts-in to subscribe to newsletter updates in Messenger. The customer will receive a subscription confirmation message in Messenger after connecting their Messenger account.

You can change this message as you like. You’ll notice the {firstname} coded variable in the message. Maisie will auto-fill the subscriber’s first name as provided by Facebook into the message when it’s sent.

6. Click Save to save any changes.

7. Click the Email tab. This displays the email that will be sent to a customer who opts-in to subscribe to blog updates via email. The customer will receive a subscription confirmation email after submitting their email address in the Chat Window on your website.

The email will be sent automatically via Maisie’s email service provider (unless you have connected your Klaviyo account to Maisie and set up a Klaviyo Flow) but the reply to address will be your email address. This reply to address will default to the email you used when signing up to Maisie but you may change it to another email address if you wish.

8. You may edit the email subject line and body text as you like. However, please note that we have inserted the code variable {store_name} into the email body. This code auto-fills the the name of your store as provided by your e-commerce platform. You may delete this variable and type your own store name instead.

9. Click Save to save any changes.

If you have made any changes to the the Message Text in this Convo Module please note that any Convo Flows already using the Newsletter Subscription Bot will not be updated. However, any changes made to the Messenger message or email that is sent to the customer will be updated across all Convo Flows using the Newsletter Subscription Bot. You can update your Convo Flows by deleting then reinserting your Subscription Bot (Convo Module) as per these instructions.