Getting Started


How to customise the Best Sellers Bot (Convo Module)

What does the Best Sellers Bot do?

The purpose of the Best Sellers Bot (Convo Module) is to enable Maisie to display your most popular products as part of any Convo Flow. This is a great way to help your website visitors discover products they might like to purchase.

How do I customise the Best Sellers Bot?

Follow the steps below to customise the Best Sellers Module for your store:

Visit the Convo Modules main screen using the navigation on the left of your Maisie Dashboard.

Click the pencil (edit) icon on the far right of the Best Sellers Module.

The Best Sellers Convo Module settings screen will be displayed.

You can choose to allow Maisie to automatically determine your 5 best selling products based upon sales volume – this is the default option. Alternatively, you can decide which products you would like to promote to your customers as best sellers.

If you choose the option for Maisie to automatically calculate your best sellers, you can select the frequency with which Maisie runs this calculation - every 60, 30 or 7 days. If you choose 30 days, say, then Maisie will recalculate your best sellers every 30 days and automatically update the products shown to customers when engaging with Maisie on your site.

Please note - if you have a newer store with little or no sales then Maisie will not be able to automatically determine your best selling products. So please choose the manual option for now and, once you have sufficient sales volume, come back and switch to the automatic option.

If you choose to provide products manually, click the second radio button.

You will see a product catalog search box.

Enter some words for the products you'd like to add then click the Search button.

A popup will display, showing a list of products matched to your search terms. Scroll down the list and select the check boxes next to the products you'd like to add.

Click the Add Products button to add your selected products to your Best Sellers bot.

You will now see the products you added both on the left and in the preview window on the right.

You can display each product's price as well as Add to Cart and Buy Now links by clicking the checkbox for each. You can also edit the product title for each product that's displayed by your bot.

In the preview window on the right, you can click the arrow on the product image to scroll through the products you added. This is also what your website visitors will see.

Repeat the search catalog process until you have added all the products you wish.

Now, as a final step, you can modify the message text that appears above your products.

Click the Bot Elements tab.

Click in the message box and change the text as you see fit.

Once completed, click the Save message button.

Once you’re happy with all your changes click the Save button on the top right of your screen.

That’s it! You’ve finished customising your Best Sellers Convo Module.