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How to set up the Orders & Shipping Messenger Bot

Order & Shipping Notifications for Messenger is a Facebook Messenger bot that automatically sends messages to your Facebook Messenger subscribers when they place orders on your site and when their orders are shipped. It provides an easy way to grow your Messenger subscriber list whilst keeping your customers delighted with real-time Messenger notifications.

The Messenger Order & Shipping bot consists of a Messenger opt-in button that is inserted on your website’s thank you (order confirmation) page and order and shipping notification messages that are sent to your Messenger subscribers.

thank you page messenger optin button

Follow the steps below to set-up and customise Messenger Order & Shipping Notifications for your store.

1. On your Maisie Dashboard click Messenger Bots on the left side navigation to expand the menu then click Orders & Shipping.

The Orders & Shipping settings screen will be displayed. At the top you can keep track of the volume of messages sent by this bot. Beneath this you can see your settings where you can switch on/off the Messenger opt-in button and Messenger messages.

2. To install and customise the Messenger button on your thank you page click the cog icon on the right.

3. On the next screen you can see the default settings for the Messenger opt-in button that is to be installed on your thank you page.

4. Edit the text as you’d like to display above the Messenger button and click the Save button.

5. You will notice several transactional messages. These are sent to your customers in Facebook Messenger depending upon the shipping status. To customise the transactional messages click the first cog icon on the right.

6. On the next screen you can see the settings for this transactional message. Edit the text as you see fit and click Save.

Please don’t delete the code {firstname}. Maisie will automatically insert the customer’s first name into the message when it’s sent. Removing this code will make your messages a lot less personal so it’s not a good idea. Maisie will also automatically insert into the message an image from one of the items that the customer ordered.

7. You'll need to repeat this process for all the other transactional messages, one by one.

8. Once all your transactional messages have been setup, return to the main screen and ensure that all the on/off slider switches are set to the on position – the button will be positioned on the right and there is a green bar next to the left of the button when it’s switched to the on position.