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How to configure the Abandoned Cart Rescue bot for Messenger

Abandoned Cart Rescue for Messenger is an automated Messenger bot that sends checkout reminder messages to your Facebook Messenger subscribers should they abandon their shopping cart on your website. This is a great way to re-market to people abandoning their carts and bring them back to your site to complete their purchase.

This Messenger bot consists of a Messenger opt-in checkbox that is inserted beneath the Add to Cart buttons on your website product detail pages and checkout reminder messages that are sent to your Messenger subscribers. Maisie automatically creates and saves a copy of each subscriber’s shopping cart so it can be used for remarketing purposes.

messenger checkbox

Follow the steps below to set-up and customise Messenger Abandoned Cart Rescue Bot for your store.

1. On your Maisie Dashboard click Messenger Bots on the left side navigation to expand the menu then click Abandoned Cart Rescue.

The Abandoned Cart Rescue settings screen will be displayed. At the top you can see the performance stats for this bot in terms of the number of messages sent, the number of orders submitted and the revenue generated.

Beneath this you can see your settings where you can switch on/off the Messenger opt-in checkbox and Messenger messages.

Click the cog icon to begin setup.

3. On the next screen you can see the default settings for the Messenger checkbox plugin that is to be installed beneath your Add to Cart buttons.

4. Choose whether you would like to offer an opt-in incentive to your website visitors by clicking the appropriate radio button. Select default if you’d prefer not to offer an incentive, % Discount if you’d like to offer a percentage-based discount off a customer’s first/next order and $ Discount if you’d like to offer a fixed amount off a customer’s first/next order.

5. Edit the text you would like to display beneath your Add to Cart button and above the Messenger opt-in checkbox. If you’re offering a discount then make sure you say so! If you’re not, offer a compelling reason for someone to opt-in.

6. If you’re offering an opt-in discount create a new discount code in your e-commerce system just for this Messenger bot so we can track its performance accurately. Copy and paste this new code into the Discount code box.

7. Choose the font size and font you’d like to use for the text beneath your Add to Cart buttons.

8. Click the Save button once you’re happy with your changes. You’ll be directed back to the main settings screen.

9. To customise the first checkout reminder message sent to abandoning customers click the cog icon on the right.

10. On the next screen you can see the detailed settings for the first reminder message. You can customise the timing of when the message is sent, the message text and the button text as you like. If you offered a discount incentive on your site remember to insert the same discount code into the Discount code box here so your subscriber won’t lose their code.

Note that Facebook’s rules allow your Messenger bot to send one message within 24 hours of a person opting-in to receive messages via your Messenger checkbox.

When editing the message text please don’t delete the code {discount_code} unless you’re not offering a discount incentive. When sending messages to Messenger Maisie will automatically replace {discount_code} with the discount code you provided. Maisie also automatically inserts an image from an item in the customer’s shopping cart into the message.

11. Click Save once you’re happy with your changes. You’ll be directed back to the main settings screen.

12. Ensure that the two on/off slider switches are set to the ON position – the button will be positioned on the right and there is a green bar next to the left of the button when it’s switched to the on position.

Congratulations! You have just customised your first Facebook Messenger bot.