Why use Chatbots for eCommerce?

Chatbots don't have the greatest reputation. But the data is out - they can help eCommerce stores increase sales, boost customer loyalty, and reduce support costs.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a program that assists users in place of a human. This can range from the simple (rule-based messages) to the complex (personalised AI responses).

eCommerce chatbots can handle numerous roles - including sales, marketing, and customer support, and can automate your team's repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

The problem

Unmanned stores, unhappy shoppers

You walk into a brick 'n' mortar store to be greeted by an informed staff member. eCommerce stores, in comparison, are empty. Shoppers have to work hard to find the information they need, if they find it at all. In 98% of cases, they'll simply leave your website without buying.

Live chat works - but it's prohibitively expensive to run 24/7. Online shoppers are impatient for answers and, with ever-growing competition, eCommerce stores need to step it up to win them over.

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Shoppers expect answers within 5 minutes.


Visitors leave a site without buying anything.


People are 10x more likely to buy in-store than online.

The solution

Engage, help, & convert your visitors 24/7

Chatbots fill the gap. They become your helpful shopfront assistant - ready to engage your customers at every step of their journey, night and day (and let them connect with you for more complex enquiries).

Whether that's helping them pick the right products, answering questions, handle their support requests or closing the sale with timely incentives. The end result? Happier, more engaged shoppers who spend more.  


Maisie users reduced their support workload by up to 30%.


Our customers see conversion rates of up to 13%.


Maisie has a visitor engagement rate of up to 42%.

How can chatbots help eCommerce stores?

Responds Instantly 24/7

Shoppers expect fast replies at all hours. Unlike humans, chatbots are active 24/7 and answer instantly.

Responds Instantly 24/7

Chatbots can help visitors find the right products for them with quizzes and promotions.

Answers FAQs Automatically

Respond to key questions and overcome obstacles without support intervention.

Re-engage Visitors Off-Site

Most shoppers leave without buying. Capture their details and re-engage them on other channels.

Boosts eCommerce Sales

By answering questions, overcoming obstacles, and incentivising purchases, chatbots can boost your sales.

Cut Support Workloads

Allow customers to check their order status or start the returns process - without human support intervention.