Getting started


Before we get started it’s important to understand the terminology we use here at Maisie.


A convo is simply an abbreviation of the word “conversation”. It’s just quicker and easier to say and type. It’s also typically Australian to shorten long words (and lengthen short words!). Don’t ask, it’s just a thing.

Convo Flows

A Convo Flow is the convo your customers experience when interacting with the Maisie bot on your website. When you create a Maisie account many Convo Flows are created for you automatically using templates. We do this to save you time. You can edit these Convo Flow templates as you view fit. You may also create your own custom Convo Flows from scratch.

A great feature of Maisie is that different Convo Flows can be used on different pages of your website. You may also display different Convo Flows to different types of visitors (new vs returning) and display Convo Flows based upon different triggers and conditions such as time on site, exit intent and cart value.

We provide Convo Flow templates for your home page, product pages and cart page (and soon checkout and thank you pages). You can also create custom flows for other pages like your blog or support pages by simply providing the relevant URL.

Convo Modules

A Convo Module is a mini Convo Flow template that you can insert into any Convo Flow. Modules are deeply integrated into your e-commerce software and communication channels and enable Maisie to perform many clever actions automatically (if we do say so ourselves!). For example, Maisie can perform tasks like showing new and best selling products, answering order and shipping status queries and sending price drop and back in stock notifications via email, Messenger and SMS.

Modules are designed to be reused over and over again across different Convo Flows. Again, Convo Modules are automatically created for you during Maisie account creation.

Message Text

This one is pretty self-explanatory! Message Text is the text that is displayed in a message sent to a website visitor either as a Notification or as part of a Convo.

message with quick replies arrowed

Quick Replies

A Quick Reply is a button that your customers can press or click to respond to your messages, which saves them having to type replies. Quick Replies enable you to structure the path of the conversation you wish your customers to follow depending upon which responses they choose.  You can use up to 5 Quick Replies for each message.

Chat Window

The Chat Window is where customers on your website engage in conversations with your bot. These conversations are determined by the Convo Flows you set up. The Chat Window will display the Message Text and Quick Replies for the applicable Convo Flow.

A Chat Window can be opened manually by your website visitors by clicking a Message or Quick Reply in a notification or by clicking the Maisiebot icon at the bottom of the page. The Chat Window can also be triggered to open automatically under different conditions such as when a visitor is exiting your website.

chat widget


A Notification is the Message Text (and Quick Replies if you wish) that is displayed on your website to provide customers with useful information and to make them aware that the bot is there to assist them. You may customise Notifications as you view fit but keep it brief. You could use Notifications to welcome a returning customer, offer help or alert a customer when an item is out of stock or when it’s getting close to a shipping time cut-off.

chat notification