Getting started


How to setup your Subscribe to Messenger chatbot & popup

Our Subscribe to Messenger pop-up is a pop-up designed to maximise the growth of your Facebook Messenger subscriber list (audience).

subscribe to messenger popup

If you’re currently using either Justuno or Privy pop-ups on your site and wish to continue doing so we have integrations that enable you to insert Maisie’s Messenger opt-in onto your existing pop-up. All Messenger subscribers added will be added to your Maisie Messenger subscriber list. Here are our step-by-step set-up instructions for each app:

Follow the steps below to set-up and customise the Maisie Subscribe to Messenger pop-up for your store.

1. On your Maisie Dashboard click Audiences on the left side navigation to expand the menu then click Audience Builder Popup.

The pop-up settings screen will be displayed. At the top you can keep track of your pop-up performance. Beneath this you can see your settings where you can switch on/off the pop-up.

audience builder popup home

2. To start customizing the pop-up click the cog icon on the right.

audience builder popup select cog

3. On the next screen you can see the default settings for the pop-up that is to be installed on your website.

audience builder popup step 1

4. Edit the pop-up heading text, body text and terms & conditions text as you like.

5. Adjust the pop-up width (in pixels) if required.

6. Adjust the timing trigger for the pop-up as required.

7. Adjust the design of the pop-up as required. You may adjust the font family, font sizes, heading colour, body text colour and background colour.

8. Click Next to save your changes and move to the next step.

9. You can now see the settings for the subscribe thank you screen. This pop-up screen is displayed to users who have successfully subscribed to your Messenger bot. You can edit the title and description as you like.

audience builder popup step 2

10. Click Next to save your changes and move to the next step.

11. You can now see the settings for the subscription confirmation message sent in Messenger to people who subscribe via the pop-up.

audience builder popup step 3

12. Edit the message text as you see fit.

13. If you’ve offered people an incentive to subscribe please create a new discount coupon code in your e-commerce system. This is important as it enables us to track the performance of the pop-up in generating additional sales for your store.

14. Copy and paste the discount code you created into the Discount code box. Make sure the code {discount_code} is left in the message text box so that Maisie can auto-fill your discount code when the message is sent.

15. Click Save.

16. On the main pop-up settings screen make sure that the on/off slider switch is set to the on position – the button will be positioned on the right and there is a green bar next to the left of the button when it’s switched to the on position.

audience builder popup switched on