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How to customise the BigCommerce Order Status Bot (Convo Module)

What does the Order Status Bot do?

The purpose of the Order Status Bot (Convo Module) is to enable Maisie to automatically respond to order status queries from your customers. This helps your customers to get immediate answers to their questions whilst reducing the workload for your customer service team.

When a customer enters their order number into Maisie, Maisie will look up the order in your BigCommerce store and will message back the customer with their order status together with any tracking link available.

How do I customise the Order Status Bot?

Follow the steps below to customise the Order Status Bot (Convo Module) for your BigCommerce store.

Visit the Convo Modules main screen using the navigation on the left of your Maisie Dashboard.

Click the edit (pencil) icon on the right of the Order Status Module.

The Order Status Convo Module settings screen will be displayed.

BigCommerce has 15 different order statuses built into its system. You probably only use some of these statuses in your store. Maisie will only use the order statuses you actually use in your store.

Maisie has pre-built templates with standardised responses for every BigCommerce order status. You can view all of these by clicking on the tabs in the middle of the screen. The preview window on the right will change on each of these tabs.

You can edit the text in any message by hovering over the message and clicking the edit (pencil) icon. This will open the text editor in the middle of the screen. You can make any changes you like then click the Save button at the bottom to save your changes.

Note: please do not remove the variables in the curly brackets in any message - these will be automatically populated by Maisie for each order status query. For example, {order_id} will be replaced by the customer's actual order ID in the message Maisie sends back to the customer.

Repeat these steps for any other order status messages you’d like to change.

Congrats! You’ve finished customising your Order Status Convo Module. The changes you made here will be automatically updated in any existing Convo Flows using the Order Status Module.