Why e-commerce businesses prefer Maisie to Live Chat

I have some great news for you. If you’re already using or looking at solutions that will help you engage more often in conversations with your customers you’re already a step or two ahead of your competition.

Both Maisie and LiveChat offer you a conversation-first approach to engaging your customers whilst they are on your website.

So how do you choose whether Maisie or Live Chat is most suitable for your online store?

In a nutshell, what’s the main difference between Maisie & LiveChat?

Online retail is a tough, competitive business. You don’t have time to mess around. So we’ll get straight to the point.

Whilst there are some similarities and lots of differences between Maisie and LiveChat, you can boil it down to two things:

Maisie is made for e-commerce

Our goal has always been to help e-commerce businesses be more successful. So we built Maisie to solve problems that are specific to e-commerce businesses just like yours.

LiveChat is built for any type of business that wants to do just that - chat live with their customers.

Maisie is available 24/7 * 365

More than half of online sales occur outside business hours so Maisie is available to assist customers whenever they choose to shop, at any time of the day or night.

In contrast, you can only chat to your customers with LiveChat during the hours when you or your team are available.

Top 5 reasons why Maisie is a better choice for e-commerce businesses

Reason #1

Self-service first, live chat last

LiveChat offers your website visitors only one option - to chat live, if you're available.  

In contrast, Maisie turns live chat on its head by first encouraging your website visitors to self-serve to get instant answers to common questions. This means they can complete their purchase without the need to chat to someone on your team. Only when Maisie is unable to answer their questions will customers be offered the option to live chat.

Maisie triages your customer queries to reduce your live chat workload and frees up your time to offer a higher level of service to those who need personalised assistance.

Reason #2

Sales, marketing & support chatbots all in one platform

As an e-commerce business owner you need a single tool that engages and assists customers across their journey. Maisie enables you to launch chatbots for different stages of the customer journey all from one platform. You can easily create bots for product discovery, pre-sales support, purchase incentives, out of stock, cart abandonment, browsing abandonment, shipping cut-off, shipping statuses and post-sales queries.

Reason #3

Abandoned cart prevention & recovery baked in

Browsing, cart and checkout abandonment are always a worry for e-commerce retailers but LiveChat just can’t help you at all with that. However, abandonment prevention and recovery is part of Maisie’s DNA. First, Maisie takes action to assist customers & convert them into buyers before they abandon your site. Secondly, for those who do leave your site, Maisie captures leads by giving shoppers compelling reasons to opt-in and then automatically remarkets to them via email and Facebook Messenger.

Reason #4

Automated order & shipping status updates

Maisie allows you to create bots to automatically answer common questions with hand-over to a human where necessary. However, Maisie goes several steps further by providing automated order and shipping status updates both on your website and in Facebook Messenger. Not only does this keep your customers happy with real-time replies 24/7 it also saves you a lot of work responding to these requests manually.

Reason #5

Deep integration into your e-commerce software

You can install LiveChat on any type of website. But that’s also its greatest weakness. You’re pretty much restricted to live chat for your online store.

However, with Maisie, we’ve built DEEP integrations into the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms, with other platforms on their way. By connecting directly into your product, inventory, pricing, customer, order & shipping data Maisie can do amazing things that are just not possible with LiveChat.