Getting Started

How to disable notification messages and quick replies

You have two choices for managing notifications:

  1. You can reduce the number of quick reply options displayed in a notification; or
  2. You can disable Maisie from showing notifications all together so just the chat icon is displayed

With both approaches, Maisie gives you the flexibility to choose different options for what is displayed on desktop devices vs mobile devices.

To get started, go to the Convo Flows main screen on your Maisie dashboard and click the pencil (edit) icon on the Convo Flow for which you wish to reduce/disable notifications.

Next you'll see the Chatbot Editor for the Convo Flow you selected.

Reduce the number of Quick Reply options shown in notifications

If you feel you have too many Quick Reply options in your notifications, you can remove some of them from displaying when someone lands on your website.

For example, you might have 4 or 5 Quick Reply options but feel that it takes up too much space on mobile devices so wish to reduce the number of options to, say, two or three.

From your Convo Flow editor screen, click the Mobile Notification tab on the right (above the preview window).

You will see a mobile device with your current notification message and quick replies.

Scroll down and hover over the notification Quick Replies then click the pencil (edit) icon.

This will open up the Quick Replies in the editor on the left of screen.

Simply uncheck any of the Quick Replies you don't wish to display on mobile. You can do the same for Desktop if you wish.

Once you're happy, click the OK button at the bottom to save your changes.

Finally, click the Publish button in the top right of the screen to publish these changes to your website.

Disable Maisie from displaying notifications completely

If you'd like to stop Maisie from showing any notification messages and quick replies at all, so that your website visitors will only see the chat icon as per the screenshot below, please follow the steps below.

Please note that we do not recommend choosing this option as it will result in a very significant reduction in the number of your website visitors engaging with Maisie. People will just assume it's live chat and ignore it.

If you wish to choose this option, click the Settings tab on the relevant Convo Flow.

You will see two ON/OFF toggles at the bottom of the Settings section - one for desktop and one for mobile. Switch either or both of these toggles to the OFF position, depending upon your requirements. Then click the Publish button in the top right of your screen to update your website with these changes.

To clarify, if you only wish to disable notifications on mobile devices, due to the smaller available screen sizes, you should toggle the mobile notifications to the OFF position. This means anyone visiting your site using a mobile device will see only the Maisie icon at the bottom of their screen. However, anyone visiting your site via desktop will see the full notification message and quick replies you have set up for this Convo Flow.