Getting Started

How to change the email address where you receive emails from Maisie

To enable maximum flexibility, Maisie allows email addresses to be configured in multiple places for different use cases. By default, Maisie sends all emails to the email address you used when you initially signed up. However, you can change any or all of the email addresses Maisie uses to send you emails.

There are three main areas where email addresses can be configured:

  1. Convo Modules settings
  2. Live Chat settings
  3. Account settings

Change email used by Convo Modules

The following Convo Modules can either send emails to you or send emails to customers and include your specified email as the send from / reply to address:

  • Discount Convo Module
  • Price Drop Convo Module
  • Subscribe Convo Module
  • Cart Saver Convo Module
  • Hand Over to Human Convo Module

To change your email address, visit the Convo Modules main screen and click edit (pencil icon) next to the Convo Module you wish to edit. In this example we'll choose the Discount Convo Module.

Next you'll see the main screen for the Discount Convo Module. Click the Email tab. You can see the reply to email address - change it to whatever you like then click the Save button in the top right of your screen to save your changes.

Now you can repeat this process for any of the other four convo modules you wish to change.

Change email used by Live Chat

If you wish to change where email notifications are sent when a customer starts a live chat or leaves a message on live chat when your live chat is unattended / unavailable, go to your Live Chat Settings screen.

Scroll down and change the email address in the box entitled "Send live chat notification emails to:".

Then click the Save button in the top right to save your changes.

Change email used for reports

You can change the email address where you receive your weekly Maisie performance reports on the Account screen. Change the email address in the section entitled "Email for report" then click the Save Changes button on the left to save your changes.