Getting started

Create your own custom Convo Flows

This article shows you how you can create your own custom Convo Flows from scratch.

1. Visit the Convo Flows main screen and click the CREATE NEW CONVO button in the top right corner.

convo flows home create new

2. You will be taken to the Convo Setup Wizard. Choose the page on your site where you’d like this new Convo Flow to run and click Next.

In this example we have selected a custom page, which means we can specifiy the URL of the page where we want the Flow to run.

convo flow setup wizard step 1

3. As we’ve selected a custom page the next step is to enter the URL of the page on your website where you’d like to run this Convo Flow. If you choose one of the other 3 options on the previous screen you will skip this step as the URL is already known.

You can choose a single page or you can choose a whole section of pages in a folder / directory by selecting the appropriate radio button. For example you might want a Convo Flow to run on all your blog pages to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Alternatively you might want to create a special Convo Flow for a particular category / collection page.

Once you’ve entered the URL click Next.

convo flow setup wizard step 2 custom url

4. Next we need to choose whether the Convo Flow will be displayed to all, new or returning visitors. If you’d like to have different Convo Flows for new vs returning visitors you’ll need to create an additional Convo Flow for this page after completing this Convo Flow. Click Next.

convo flow setup wizard step 3

5. Now you can set the trigger for when this Convo Flow will fire. In this case your choices are to trigger the Notification or Convo Flow after the visitor has been on your page for a certain amount of time or to trigger only when the visitor attempts to exit your site from this page.

If you select the Time on Page trigger you’ll need to set the number of seconds for the trigger and how often the Notification or Convo Flow should be shown to each visitor – once per session or once per day.

You’ll also need to name your new Convo Flow before continuing.

convo flow setup wizard step 4 time
convo flow setup wizard step 4 exit

Click Next to continue.

6. If you selected the Exit Intent trigger you’ll have to complete an additional step. You can choose whether or not to add a condition to when the Exit Intent triggers. For example, you might want to create an Exit Intent Convo Flow that only triggers when the value of the items in the visitor’s shopping cart is greater than, say, $200. You might decide that it’s worth offering this type of visitor a discount or free shipping to complete their purchase right away.

If you do choose to use a Cart Value condition you’ll need to set the value of the cart in the boxes provided. Remember to name your new Convo before proceeding.

convo flow setup wizard step 5 cart value

7. You should now see a success screen advising you that your new Convo Flow configuration settings have been created.

convo flow setup wizard finish

However, if you see a pop-up message advising you of a conflict between the Convo Flow you have created and an existing Convo Flow you will be asked to delete the existing Convo Flow in order to proceed with the new Flow you have created. Such conflicts occur when, for example, you have created a Flow for all visitors on a particular page and a Flow already exists for returning visitors on the same page.

8. Click Continue to proceed to creating up your Notifications and Convos for your new Convo Flow. You’ll be taken to the Maisie Chatbot Builder screen to do this.

maisie chatbot builder

If you don’t know how to use the Maisie Chatbot Builder please read our guide.