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How to hide quick replies on notification messages

When a visitor first lands on your website, Maisie will pop up with a notification message with its associated quick replies.

These quick replies help your website visitors know that Maisie is a lot more than live chat so they are much more likely to engage with it. Customers will see Maisie more like a virtual shopping assistant that can help them rather than just live chat, which they might not want to use.

For any subsequent pages that a visitor visits in the same session that use the same convo flow as the first page they landed on, your website visitors will only be shown the chat icon in the bottom corner. If you have published different convo flows for specific pages, your website visitors will be shown the relevant notification message and quick replies the first time they visit that particular page.

Should you wish to hide some or all of the quick reply options shown on the initial notification message for mobile and/or desktop devices, you have two options.

1. Hide selected quick replies

If you wish to hide selected notification message quick replies from showing on certain devices, please follow the steps in the video below.

2. Hide notification message and quick replies completely

If you wish to hide all notification messages and quick replies so that only the chat icon is displayed to your website visitors, please follow the steps below.

Please note that should you decide to completely remove the notification message and quick replies, people will just assume Maisie is live chat so usage of Maisie will drop significantly as will the revenue you generate from Maisie.

Firstly, visit the Convo Flows main screen on your Maisie dashboard and click edit (pencil icon) on the Convo Flow for which you'd like to remove the notification messages and quick replies.

Next, click the Settings tab on the Convo Flow screen then scroll to the bottom where you can toggle on/off notifications displaying on desktop and/or mobile devices.

Finally, click the Publish button in the top right corner to make the changes live on your website.