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How to create a Klaviyo flow for your Discount Bot

Maisie integrates beautifully with Klaviyo. In this article we show you how to create an automated flow in Klaviyo that will enable you to send targeted emails to all people who opt-in to receive a discount coupon via your Maisie Discount Bot.

Before we start:

Once both these steps have been completed, let's get started setting up your discount bot flow in Klaviyo.

First, go to the Flows main screen in Klaviyo. Now click the Create Flow button at the top right of your screen.

Now you will be taken to the Create Flow main screen. Click the Create From Scratch button at the top right of your screen, unless you have an existing flow you'd like to use.

A pop-up will appear, asking you to name your new flow and add any tags you wish. I have named my flow "Maisie Discount Bot". Once you're happy, click the Create Flow button at the bottom right of the pop-up.

Next, you will be asked to set up a trigger for this new flow. Choose the Metric option on the left.

On the left, you are asked to choose from the dropdown the action that will trigger your new flow. Scroll down and select "Maisie: Subscribed for discount coupon via Email".

You also have the option to set Trigger Filters and Flow Filters if you wish. Once you've finished, click the Done button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Next, you will be asked to add an action to follow the trigger you set. Select Email on the left and drag it beneath the trigger in the middle of the screen.

You will now see an email step added beneath the trigger.

Click the email box in the middle of your screen then, on the left, click the Configure Content button.

This will take you to the email editor screen where you can create your own email from scratch or use existing templates. Be sure to include your discount coupon code in your email. We recommend using a different discount coupon code for Maisie-generated subscribers to ensure better tracking and reporting of performance.

Once you have selected or created your email, click the Done button in the top right corner.

You can add additional steps to your flow if you wish. Once you're happy with your Klaviyo flow, click the Update Action Statuses button in the top right corner of your screen.

On the pop-up, select the Live option in the Action Status dropdown. Then click the Update Statuses button in the bottom right of the pop-up.

Congratulations! Your new Klaviyo flow is now ready to automatically send emails to anyone who opts-in via Maisie to receive a discount coupon.

Now that your Klaviyo flow is ready, the final step is to disable Maisie from sending emails containing your discount coupon.

Go to the Convo Modules screen on your Maisie dashboard and click edit (pencil icon) next to the Discount module.

Next, click the Email tab and scroll down to Send emails and toggle the switch to off.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

Now Maisie won't send any emails to people opting in to receive a discount coupon. Instead, the emails will be sent directly from your Klaviyo account.

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