How to connect Klaviyo to Maisie

Klaviyo is a very popular email marketing solution for e-commerce businesses. Maisie has an integration with Klaviyo that enables you to automatically sync all emails and events collected by your Maisie chatbots and live chat with your Klaviyo account.

Step-by-step instructions

In your Maisie dashboard click Integrations near the bottom of the left side navigation menu.

You will now see the Integrations screen. Click the Add button for Klaviyo. If you see the Upgrade button you will first need to upgrade to a higher Maisie plan in order to add the Klaviyo integration.

After clicking the Add button you will see a pop-up that asks you to connect your Klaviyo account by entering your Klaviyo Private and Public API Keys.

To find your Klaviyo Private & Public API Keys login to your Klaviyo account and click the dropdown in the upper right of your screen and select Account.

On the Account main screen, click Settings then click API Keys.

On this screen you can see both your Public API key (i.e., Site ID) and your Private API keys. Maisie requires both a Public and a Private API Key to connect to Klaviyo. You can choose to use one of your existing Private API Keys with Maisie or, if you prefer, you can create a new API Key just for Maisie by clicking the Create Private API Key button on the right.

If you create a new Private API Key it will be automatically added to the bottom of your list of Private API Keys. You can click the pencil icon to name your new key and click the eye icon to view your new private key.

After selecting the API Key you wish to use with Maisie copy and paste the displayed key into the Private key field in the pop-up on your Maisie dashboard. Then copy and paste your Klaviyo Public API key into the Public key field on your Maisie dashboard.

Once you've entered your two API keys click the Validate button to make sure the details you entered are correct. You should then see a success message in green.

If you see an error message, Klaviyo hasn't accepted the API keys you entered so you'll need to copy and paste them into Maisie again.

Next, select the Klaviyo list where you'd like all your Maisie subscribers and events to be synced. If you do not select a list - leaving the "Select a list" option as is - Maisie will create user profiles in Klaviyo but your subscribers won't be added to any of your lists.

If you wish to create a new list in Klaviyo for your Maisie subscribers simply visit your Klaviyo dashboard > Lists & Segments and click the black Create List / Segment button in the top right corner of the screen.

After you have added your Private API Key and selected the list you'd like to sync, click the Save button.

How often will Maisie sync my contacts to Klaviyo?

Your Maisie email subscribers will be synced with Klaviyo in less than a minute.

Does data sync both ways?

Currently it is a one-way sync, which means that only data collected by Maisie will be synced to Klaviyo. Data collected or updated via Klaviyo will not be synced back to Maisie.

What customer data will be synced to Klaviyo?

You can view the detailed customer data sent from Maisie to Klaviyo by clicking on the relevant subscriber profile from your Klaviyo Profiles screen.

Maisie will sync the following information to Klaviyo, where provided by the customer:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Maisie bot where they signed up
  • Website page where they signed up
  • Time and date they signed up
  • IP address

Which events does Maisie send to Klaviyo?

The following events in Maisie will be sent to Klaviyo for people who have provided their email address via your Maisie bots:

  • Maisie: Subscribed to price drop notification
  • Maisie: Subscribed for discount coupon
  • Maisie: Started live chat
  • Maisie: Started chat in Messenger
  • Maisie: Submitted email support query
  • Maisie: Subscribed to cart saver
  • Maisie: Sent abandoned cart reminder
  • Maisie: Sent order confirmation message
  • Maisie: Sent order shipped message
  • Maisie: Subscribed to newsletter
  • Maisie: Clicked cart saver link
  • Maisie: Clicked price drop link
  • Maisie: Clicked Messenger abandoned cart link

How do I use the events Maisie sends to Klaviyo?

Events are a very useful feature in both Maisie and Klaviyo. Events enable you to target specific subscribers based upon their events and to send them a targeted email campaign in Klaviyo.

For example, you might decide to send a special offer campaign to all customers who requested that Maisie save their shopping carts for them.

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