What types of messages can be sent in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook offers five types of messages that can be used in different situations by Maisie to send messages to customers who opt-in to receive communications in Messenger.

Standard messages

Facebook permits you to send one message within 24 hours of a person sending you a message via Messenger or opting-in to receive messages via Maisiebot or one of Maisie’s website popups, buttons or plug-ins (e.g. our Abandoned Cart Rescue plug-in). A standard message is allowed to include promotional content.

After the 24-hour window has expired you may not send any more standard messages to a particular customer unless they have sent you a further message, in which case the 24 hour messaging window restarts.

Transactional messages

Facebook permits businesses to send non-promotional messages to customers outside the 24 hour window that applies to standard messages only where those messages relate to matters such as order confirmations, shipping notifications and updates, event reminders, payment & account updates, etc. These messages must be tagged appropriately before sending, something which Maisie does automatically.

One-time notification messages

Facebook permits businesses to send one follow-up message to each customer after the 24-hour standard messaging window has ended only if the business has requested and received approval from Facebook to do so. Follow our step-by-step instructions to get approved by Facebook.

News messages

News and other content messages can be sent without limit but Facebook limits them to be sent only by approved news organisations. This message type is not available to your business.

Sponsored messages

Promotional messages that can be sent to customers at any time. However, these messages are treated as advertising so incur a cost for every message sent.