Getting started

How to customise the Talk To Human Module

The Talk to Human Module enables you to generate leads and respond manually via email or Facebook Messenger to queries from customers that Maisiebot was not able to answer via your website Convo Flows.

Follow the steps below to customise the Talk to Human Module for your store.

1. Visit the Convo Modules main screen using the navigation on the left of your Maisie Dashboard.

2. Click the edit icon on the far right of the Talk to Human Module.

edit talk to human module

The Talk to Human Module Chatbot tab will be displayed.

talk to human chatbot settings

3. Review all the elements of the convo. If you’d like to make any changes to the Message Text hover over the item you’d like to change and click the edit icon. If you’re not familiar with how to do this please read our Maisie Chatbot Builder tutorial before continuing.

4. Save any changes you make before continuing.

5. Click the Messenger tab. This displays the message that will be sent automatically to a customer who wants to ask you a question within Facebook Messenger.

talk to human module messenger settings

You’ll notice the {firstname} coded variable in the message. This means Maisie will auto-insert into the message the customer’s first name as provided by Facebook.

After clicking the Connect in Messenger button in the Chat Window message the customer will be subscribed to your Messenger account and can type  their query directly into Messenger. You will receive an email notification from Maisie that a query has been submitted as well as a notification from Facebook that you have a new message (if you have these notifications switched on in your Messenger account). If you’d like Messenger notifications for your store on your mobile device it’s a good idea to download the Facebook Pages App (download from the App Store or Google Play).

If the customer chooses email as their preferred communication channel they will be asked to provide their email address and submit their query directly within your Chat Window. An email will be sent to you with the customer query and email address. All you need to do is hit reply, type your response and hit send and your response will be emailed directly to the customer.

If you make changes to the the Message Text in this Module please note that any Convo Flows already using the Talk to Human Module will not be updated. However, any changes made to the message that is sent to the customer in Messenger will be updated in all Convo Flows using the Talk to Human Module.