Getting started

How to customise the Price Drop Module

When you create a Maisie account Convo Modules are automatically created and installed for you using our e-commerce templates. As Convo Modules are designed to be reused across the Convo Flows your chatbot uses it is best to customise these Modules before customising your Convo Flows. Please review each Module individually and make changes to suit your brand voice and business objectives.

The Price Drop Module connects to your store’s product and pricing database to enable Maisie to track price changes and to automatically send notifications via email or Facebook Messenger to customers who have opted-in to receive price drop notifications.

Adding the Price Drop Module to an exit intent Convo Flow on your product or cart pages is a great way to incentivise visitors abandoning your website to provide their email address or connect their Facebook Messenger account.

BigCommerce stores please note that the Price Drop Module currently supports prices set at the product level but not at the variant level. If you set your prices at the variant level we recommend you do not use the Price Drop Module until our platform supports variant level pricing.

Follow the steps below to customise the Price Drop Module for your store.

1. Visit the Convo Modules main screen using the navigation on the left of your Maisie Dashboard.

2. Click the edit icon on the far right of the Price Drop Module.

convo modules home screen

The Price Drop Module Chatbot tab will be displayed.

price drop module chatbot

Review all the elements of the convo. If you’d like to make any changes or additions hover over the item you’d like to change and click the edit or add icons accordingly. If you’re not familiar with how to do this please read our Maisie Chatbot Builder tutorial before continuing.

3. Save any changes you make before continuing.

4. Click the Messenger tab. This displays the messages that will be sent to a customer who opts-in to receive price drop notifications in Messenger. The customer will receive an initial confirmation message in Messenger after connecting their Messenger account. They will also receive a second message only if the price of the item they were interested in drops. This message also includes an image of the product and a buy now button which takes the customer back to the product page for the item.

price drop module messenger settings

You’ll notice the following coded variables in the messages:
{firstname} – your Messenger subscriber’s first name as provided by Facebook
{product_title} – the title of the product pulled from your product database
{price_diff} – the amount of the price drop = {old_price} – {new_price}
{old_price} – the price of the product at the time the customer opted in to receive price drop notifications
{new_price} – the new, lower price of the product

5. Click Save to save any changes.

6. Click the Email tab. This displays the text for the email that will be sent to a customer who opts-in to receive price drop notifications via email. The customer will receive an email only if the price of the item they were interested in drops.

The email will be sent automatically via Maisie’s email service provider but the reply to address will be your email address. This reply to address will default to the email you used when signing up to Maisie but you may change it to another email address if you wish.

price drop module email settings

You may also edit the email subject line and body text as you like. However, please note that we have inserted some code into this email so that it can auto-fill the following information for each email.
{product_title} – title of the product from your product database
{price_diff} – the difference between the old and new prices
{old_price} – the original price at the time the customer opted-in
{new_price} – the new lower price
{product_url} – link to the product detail page of the item whose price has dropped
{store_name} – uses the name of your store on your e-commerce platform. You may delete this variable and type something else.

7. Click Save to save any changes.

Congratulations! You have just customised your first Convo Module. You can now insert this updated Convo Module into any Convo Flows you like.

Note that any Convo Flows already using the Price Drop Module prior to your changes will not be updated. Modules are set up in this way to give you the flexibility to make more customisations of the Module for different Convo Flows on different pages with different rules and triggers.

You can either delete the original Price Drop Module from your Convo Flows and insert the new one or simple make edits directly to the Convo Flows.