Getting started

How to customise the Order Status Module

The purpose of the Order Status Module is to enable Maisiebot to respond to order status queries from your customers. This helps your customers to get immediate answers to their questions whilst reducing the workload for your support team.

Follow the steps below to customise the Order Status Module for your store.

1. Visit the Convo Modules main screen using the navigation on the left of your Maisie Dashboard.

2. Click the edit icon on the far right of the Order Status Module.

edit order status module

The Order Status Module settings screen will be displayed.

order status module settings

You can see an introductory message in the Chat Window on the right asking the customer to provide his or her order number. Beneath that you can see a dummy order number response from a customer (blue background message) which cannot be edited. Beneath that are response messages for each order status code used by your e-commerce platform. BigCommerce uses 15 order status codes and Shopify uses 27. Yes, that’s quite a lot!

3. Hover over any message (in the Chat Window on the right) that you’d like to modify and click the edit icon that appears. The Message Text will display on the left in the editor.

edit order status module message

4. Change the message text as you like and click Save.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for any other response messages you’d like to change.

That’s it! You’ve finished customising your Order Status Convo Module. The changes you made here will be automatically updated in any existing Convo Flows using the Order Status Module.