How to change the Klaviyo list to which Maisie syncs

If you've already connected your Klaviyo account to your Maisie account but wish to change the Klaviyo list to which Maisie syncs captured email subscribers, please follow the steps below.

On your Maisie dashboard click Integrations near the bottom of the left side navigation menu.

You will now see the Integrations screen. Click the Actions dropdown button for Klaviyo then click Edit.

Next you will see a pop-up that shows your existing Klaviyo API keys.

Click the Validate button on the right to revalidate your Klaviyo API keys. You should see a success message in green.

Once your Klaviyo API keys have been revalidated, your available Klaviyo lists will be updated.

Select the grey dropdown to view your Klaviyo lists and select the one you wish to sync email subscribers to.

Click the purple Save button to save your new preferences.

All email subscribers captured by Maisie from now on will be automatically synced to your new Klaviyo list.