Grow your Klaviyo email lists faster with Maisie

Connect your Klaviyo account to your Maisie account to enjoy the power of both platforms working together in harmony.

Once connected, you'll be able to automatically sync all emails and events collected by your Maisie chatbots and live chat with your Klaviyo account and trigger any automations from within Klaviyo.

Maisie will sync the following information to Klaviyo where it has been provided by your customers:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Maisie conversation flow where they signed up
  • Website page where they signed up
  • Time and date they signed up
  • IP address

The following events in Maisie will be sent to Klaviyo for people who have submitted their email address via your Maisie chatbots:

  • Subscribed to price drop notification
  • Subscribed for discount coupon
  • Started live chat
  • Started chat in Messenger
  • Submitted email support query
  • Subscribed to cart saver
  • Sent abandoned cart reminder
  • Sent order confirmation message
  • Sent order shipped message
  • Subscribed to newsletter
  • Clicked cart saver link
  • Clicked price drop link
  • Clicked Messenger abandoned cart link

Here are links to our tutorials which show you how to get the full power of Maisie and Klaviyo working together in harmony:

Also, you can check out Maisie in the Klaviyo Integrations directory.