The chatbot for BigCommerce stores

Get a chatbot for your BigCommerce store to drive more sales and slash your support tickets.

Install the Maisie App on your BigCommerce store to enjoy the combined power of both platforms working together in harmony.

Once installed, you'll be able to use Maisie's intuitive visual chatbot builder to quickly create and launch your own ecommerce chatbots without code!

Here are some of the amazing things you can do after adding Maisie to your BigCommerce store:

Help your visitors find exactly what they want on your store

Help shoppers discover products they might like with interactive quizzes and personalised recommendations. Win them over by answering pre-sales questions and directing them to the most relevant products.

Provide real-time 24/7 support and reduce your staff's workload

People shop at all hours and expect near-instant answers. Maisie will automatically answer FAQs and order & shipping status queries, saving your support staff valuable time. For more complex queries, ask Maisie to hand it over to your support team via Live Chat, Messenger or email.

Stop abandoning visitors in their tracks with exit intent chatbots

Recover lost sales with Maisie's exit intent chatbots which can offer personalised incentives like free shipping or discount coupons when visitors try to leave your site.

Grow your subscriber list for remarketing off-site

Convert visitors into subscribers with compelling reasons to opt-in. They can sign up for off-site notifications - including price drop, back in stock, cart saver or order and shipping updates.

Re-engage with customers via email and Messenger

Bring non-purchasers back to your site with multi-channel reminders and notifications sent to their preferred communications channels – email or Messenger (SMS coming soon!).

Delight your customers and win their long-term loyalty

Create a more personalised shopping experience for your customers. Welcome them back by name, provide after-sales support, offer loyalty rewards and help them discover new products.

Check out Maisie in the BigCommerce App Store.