The Facebook Messenger chatbot for ecommerce stores

Connect your Facebook Business Page to your Maisie account to enjoy the power of Messenger and Maisie working together in harmony.

Win back sales via  Messenger

Re-market to your customers on their favourite messaging app. Maisie can automatically send notifications to your customers via Messenger to bring them back to your site to complete purchase.

  1. Send abandoned cart checkout reminder messages via Messenger
  2. Send product price drop notifications via Messenger
  3. Send discount coupons via Messenger
  4. Send back in stock notifications via Messenger*

Grow your Messenger subscriber list

Around 98% of website visitors don't buy when they visit a store. Use Maisie to answer their questions and encourage them to opt-in to your Messenger communications.

  1. Automated exit intent conversations that offer compelling reasons for customers to opt-in via Messenger
  2. Newsletter subscription opt-in with Messenger
  3. Live chat in Messenger

Provide order status updates in Messenger

Keep your customers in the loop and reduce "where's my order?" support requests by sending automated order status notifications direct to customers' Facebook Messenger inboxes.