How to set up Facebook Business Manager



November 10, 2018

Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is an additional free account that offers  you the capability to manage your Facebook Ad accounts, Pages and Instagram accounts all in the one place. You may also grant other people, such as employees or agencies, access to your accounts so they can work on your social marketing too. It also enables you to get full  access to third-party marketing apps like Maisie.

If you have already set up a Facebook Ad account, Page and Instagram account for your business, you can continue to use them by adding them into Business Manager. We show you how below.

Setting up a new Business Manager account can be a little complicated but if you follow our step-by-step guide below you’ll be set up in a jiffy.

How to set up Facebook Business Manager

1. Create a Business Manager account

To get started, visit Facebook’s Business Manager homepage here and click the blue CREATE ACCOUNT button in the top right corner.

business manager homepage

Fill in your business name in the screen that pops up & click Continue

create business manager account

Fill in your name and business email address & click Finish

create business manager profile

Your Business Manager account will be created on the fly and you will be taken to your Business Manager dashboard.

business manager dashboard 1

Looks pretty dull at the moment, doesn’t it? You will be prompted to add extra security to your Business Manager account. You don’t have to do this now but you should certainly make sure you do it sooner rather than later! If you don’t want to do it now click Remind Me Later – Facebook will send you a reminder notification.

You should have received an email at the address you provided when you created your account asking you to confirm your email address. Go to your inbox and open this email and click the Confirm Now button. Please do it right away, otherwise you might have restrictions left on your Business Manager account until you confirm your email. We don’t want that, do we?

2. Add your Facebook Page to Business Manager

Click the Business Settings button in the top right corner of your Business Manager dashboard.

business manager dashboard 2

You will be taken to your Business Settings Dashboard. It’s a bit overwhelming at first sight!

business manager settings screen 1

Now we will step you through setting up all the necessary permissions  to make sure you have access to everything. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t make it as simple as they could. They have a setup guide – you can see it near the bottom left of your screen – but it’s not very helpful.

First, click Pages in the left side menu and you should see that there are no Pages listed.

business manager pages settings

Click the blue Add button in the middle of the screen and, if you already have a Facebook Page for your business, select Add a Page at the top of the list. Otherwise, if you don’t have an existing Facebook Page for your business, select Create a New Page.

add a facebook business page

If you selected Add a Page you will be shown a screen asking you to fill in the name or URL of your Facebook Page. Unfortunately, your existing pages aren’t automatically listed until you start typing in the box. Select your Page from the list and click the Add Page button.

add a facebook page

Assuming you are using the same Facebook account as you used to create your Page your request to add the Page should be approved automatically.

add facebook page success

If you selected Create a New Page from the drop down menu you will be asked to choose a category for your business. This can be a bit confusing. If you have a physical store or establishment, like a local store or restaurant, select Local Business or Place. If you have an online only business, such as an e-commerce store, select Brand or Product (although you can also use Company, Organisation or Institution if you prefer).

choose facebook page category

Once you have selected your category a new screen will popup asking you  to name your Page and select a category. If you selected Local Business or Place you   will also be asked to provide your business address. Make sure you do   this as it makes it easier for customers to find you based upon your   location. Once you have completed the form click Create Page.

create facebook business page

Your Page will be created and you will be taken to your Pages settings  screen where you will hopefully see your name on the right set as Page Admin.

facebook business pages settings

3. Add your Facebook Ad account to Business Manager

Click Ad accounts on the left side menu and you should see that there are no Ad accounts listed.

facebook ads account settings

Click the blue Add button and you’ll see a list of options:

add facebook ad account

Adding an existing Ad account

Select Add an ad account only if you have an existing Facebook Ad account and payment method set up and have already run and been billed for ads. After clicking Add an ad account you will see a screen asking you to fill in the ID of your Facebook Ad account. Again it’s not listed for you.

add facebook ad account id

If you don’t know your Ad account ID – and why would you? – click here to view your Ad account settings page which shows your Ad account ID. Copy  your ID and paste it into the Ad account ID box then click the blue Add Ad Account button.

Creating a new Ad account

If you don’t have an existing Ad account or you do have an Ad account but haven’t run and paid for ads using it you will need to create a new Ad account by selecting Create a New Ad Account in the dropdown menu shown above.

Next you will see a screen asking you to fill in a name for your Ad account – this can be anything you like. You can also set your preferred time zone and billing currency.

create new facebook ads account details

Once you are finished click the Create Ad Account button. Next you will see a screen asking you to add people to your newly created Ad account.

add people to facebook ad account

Click the check box next to your name and select Ad account admin from the dropdown box on the right. This is necessary to ensure you have full access rights to your Ad account. Once done click Save Changes. You should see a screen confirming the successful creation of your Ad account.

add people to ad account success

You will notice a message above the Close button advising you to set up a payment method for the Ad account you just created. Click the blue Payment methods link (or click here).

You will be taken to your Payments settings screen.

business manager payment settings

Click the blue Add button in the middle of the screen and a new screen will popup asking you to enter a payment method.

select payment method

Facebook accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Make sure to select your Billing country and Currency from the dropdown boxes at the top, fill out your card details and click Continue.

Once Facebook has validated your card you will see your summary card details listed in the Payment Methods column on your Payments settings screen. You will also see a message in the middle of the screen telling you that there are no Ad accounts connected to the payment method you just added. Crazy, right?

business manager payment settings card

Click on the link with the blue text “select an ad account and use Ads Manager to change its primary payment method” (or visit here). This will take you to your Ad accounts settings screen where you will see another blue text link “View Payment Methods” near the top.

facebook ad account settings payments

Click View Payment Methods (or visit here) which will take you the Payment settings screen for your Ad account.

facebook ad payment settings

Click the Add Payment Method button on the right and on the next screen select the third option Payment Method from Business Manager and click Continue.

select payment method from business manager

You will be asked to confirm the Payment method on the next screen. Click Continue.  You will see another screen asking you to confirm that you want to  make the payment method you just selected as your primary payment  method. Click the Make Primary button.

change primary payment method

You should see a message at the top saying your payment method has been  added successfully. You should also see the card you added listed under Payment method in the middle of the screen.

payment method added success

That was unnecessarily complicated, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, you’re on the home straight now!

4. Set up permissions in Business Manager

Now that you have added or created your Facebook Page and Ad account in Business Manager you might be forgiven for thinking you’re all done.  However, you need to ensure you have given yourself the right  permissions to be able to use your Business Manager account, Page and Ad  account fully.

Go back to and refresh your Business Manager Settings screen and select People under the Users category on the left side menu (or click here).

business manager people settings pages

Make sure your name is selected (it will have a blue background) in the People column and select Pages under Assigned Assets.  If you just created a Facebook Page for your business using Business Manager you should see your Page listed here and your permission level set as Page Admin. If you do not have Page Admin permission hover over the text on the right and select the person icon representing Page Admin.

If you had an existing Facebook Page for your business (before creating your Business Manager account) you need to click the grey Assign Assets button on the right of your screen. You will see a popup asking you to select the type of asset you wish to assign. Select Pages.

assign assets business manager

On the next screen you should see a list of your Pages. Select the check box next to the Page you wish to add, select Page Admin from the dropdown box on the right and click Save Changes.

business manager assign pages

Next, in the Assigned assets column of the People Settings screen, select Ad accounts. Make sure your Ad account is listed there and you have Ad account admin permissions. If not, change your permission level to Ad account admin.

business manager people settings ad accounts

If your Ad account is not listed on this screen you will need to follow the same steps as above for assigning Pages – click the Assign Assets button, Select Ad accounts, select the check box next to your Ad account and make sure permissions are set to Ad account admin then click Save Changes.

That’s it. Well done! Give yourself a big pat on the back for your incredible determination and patience!

However, if you have an Instagram account for your business, you should also add it to your Facebook Business Manager. If your business’  Instagram account is a personal account we recommend switching it to an Instagram Business Account before you do this. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to do this – simply follow our step-by-step guide.

5. Add your Instagram account to Business Manager

Select Instagram accounts under the Accounts category in the left side menu of your Business Manager dashboard (or click here).

business manager instagram account settings

Click the blue Add button in the middle of the screen. You will be asked to login to your Instagram account using your username and password. Once you have entered them click Next.

add instagram account for advertising

Next, you will be asked to select the Facebook Ad account you would like to use if you advertise on Instagram or might want to in future. Select the checkbox next to your Ad account and click Next.

assign instagram ad account

You should see on the next screen a message saying that your Instagram account was added successfully. Click Done.

instagram account added successfully

Now refresh your Business Manager Dashboard screen and make sure the Instagram account you added is highlighted in the middle Instagram accounts column. In the Assigned ad accounts and partners column select Ad Accounts and make sure your Facebook Ad account is listed here. If not, click the Assign Ad Accounts button at the top and follow the steps to add it.

instagram ad account success

Hooray! You’re all done for now. Now take a break. You’ve earned it.