Turn TikTok into your sales & data collection machine

With conversational links, e-commerce brands can now launch high-converting, guided sales conversations directly from TikTok ads, stories and bio links.

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Why Conversational Links

Conversations are everything when selling on TikTok

When people are watching product videos on TikTok, it's natural for them to start a conversation and ask questions.

Now you can add a conversational link to your TikTok ads, stories and bio link.

Once clicked, the link triggers a chatbot that engages your TikTok followers in conversations that guide them to a purchase, using your own checkout, without them leaving TikTok.

Wish to offer a more personalized touch? You can even hand over the conversation to your customer service team via live chat.

3.5 minutes

is how long a visitor spends at a Shopify store before leaving


of visitors leave a site without buying anything


of consumers say easily reaching customer service influenced their purchase decision

Where can you put your convo links?

TikTok Stories
TikTok Ads
TikTok Bio Link

The solution

Engage, help, & convert your visitors 24/7

Maisie is ready to engage your Shopify store’s customers at every step, night and day. Whether that's helping them pick the right products, handling their support requests or closing the sale with timely incentives.

Maisie can connect customers to you as well for more complex enquiries.

The end result? Happier, more engaged shoppers who spend more.  


Maisie users reduced their support workload by up to 30%.


Our customers see conversion rates of up to 13%.


Maisie has a visitor engagement rate of up to 42%.

What can you do with your convo links?

Launch a product sales conversation from TikTok

Automatically display products from your store catalog, answer questions and even hand over to live chat to close the sale using your own store checkout.

Enable shoppers to save products in TikTok and checkout later on your site

Recover lost sales and capture emails by offering shoppers the option to save the product they like so they can easily come back later to complete purchase.

Launch a product recommendation quiz from TikTok

Convert more sales and capture valuable first party data with a conversational product recommendation quiz.

Launch conversational promotions, offers & lead magnets from TikTok

Launch conversational opt-ins directly from your TikTok stories & ads to get users into your funnel. Automatically sync your data with Klaviyo.

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Beat your competition by being among the first to use conversational links to drive more sales from social.
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