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...if you aren't using Maisie for your Shopify store.

Live chat is tough to manage 24/7. But, customers are leaving your store without buying when you can't answer their questions.

Luckily, Maisie can help you with that.

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The problem

Unmanned stores, unhappy shoppers

You walk into a brick 'n' mortar store to be greeted by an informed staff member. eCommerce stores, in comparison, are empty.

But when visitors can’t find the information they need, they’ll leave without buying.

Live chat works - but you can't really be there 24/7.

eCommerce store owners need to step it up - or their competition will.

3.5 minutes

is how long a visitor spends at a Shopify store before leaving


of visitors leave a site without buying anything


of consumers say easily reaching customer service influenced their purchase decision

The solution

Engage, help, & convert your visitors 24/7

Maisie is ready to engage your Shopify store’s customers at every step, night and day. Whether that's helping them pick the right products, handling their support requests or closing the sale with timely incentives.

Maisie can connect customers to you as well for more complex enquiries.

The end result? Happier, more engaged shoppers who spend more.  


Maisie users reduced their support workload by up to 30%.


Our customers see conversion rates of up to 13%.


Maisie has a visitor engagement rate of up to 42%.

How can Maisie help your Shopify store?

Responds Instantly 24/7

Shoppers expect fast replies at all hours. Unlike humans, Maisie is active 24/7 and answers instantly.

Makes Personalized Recommendations

Maisie can help visitors find the right products for them with quizzes and promotions.

Answers FAQs Automatically

Respond to key questions and overcome obstacles without support intervention.

Re-engages Visitors Off-Site

Most shoppers leave without buying. Capture their details and re-engage them on other channels such as email.

Boosts eCommerce Sales

Shoppers sometimes just need the right incentive to make a purchase. Deliver promos to shoppers based on behavioral triggers.

Cuts Support Workloads

Let customers to check their order status or start the returns process.