How To Drive Sales With Conversational Commerce In Shopify (Video)



October 21, 2022

Conversational Commerce



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You've worked hard, and it's starting to pay off. People are actually coming onto your site and looking at your products. Not so fast… the journey isn't over yet until it turns into a sale.

You also then need to think about increasing AOVs and creating that experience that makes a customer into a repeat customer.

We've made that easy for you with Maisie chatbots. Now you can fully automate conversations that offer your site visitors personalized recommendations and discounts.

Learn more with the video below and see exactly how e-commerce expert Justin Cener uses Maisie to drive sales.

Below is a transcript of the video.

Intro to conversational commerce and how it can help you generate more revenue

Justin Cener here. In this video, I'm going to teach you how to drive sales with conversational commerce in Shopify. 
Conversational commerce is the future. 
And this might be the missing piece to your store. 
First of all - conversion rates; something that every single store needs to consider and, of course, trust as well. It's really all about the environment that you create. When you can increase your average order value, and increase your sales, you'll make more money. 
Obviously, my great way to do that is to offer a personalised shopping environment. The more personalised you could offer, the better the conversion rate, the higher the sales, right? And chatbots and live chat. These are going to be great ways to increase sales because they allow you to provide that personalised product recommendation, that personalised customer service to your very important customers directly on your store and it's incredibly powerful. 
That's what conversational commerce is - working people into that funnel of sales or customer service, whatever they need. Having this happen, through these chatbots and live chat. I'm going to show you some examples by the way. But when you're trying to implement this, you're going to find that there is no built-in way to do this with Shopify. You're going to need to use an app and the app needs to be super easy to use, super easy to install and require no prior experience. You should be able to jump into it just like any other app and most importantly it needs to be configurable and customisable to match your brand's look, feel, design and need. 

How Maisie works

So how are you going to do this? You're going to use Maisie's chatbots and live chat. I'm gonna show you the app in a second. This is what I use. This is what I highly recommend. You'll see the link directly below this video. I'm gonna bring over the Shopify app listing page, right over here. 
You see the five out of five star reviews over here, and you're gonna get a 14-day free trial to be able to jump right in. And here is their website. You see? This is all about making your online store more human, and we're gonna automatically engage website visitors.
This is the conversational commerce, where we literally drive people into specific products, specific funnels, specific ways to get them to buy our products, and to increase that customer experience. And you're seeing 20% conversion rate up uplift, 43% of customers engaged, 30% less support tickets seen, because of the implementation of these live chats, these chatbots. It's really about engaging your customers every single step of their journey. You're going to improve conversion via conversational product recommendation quizzes. 
Super powerful. I'm going to show you. You could answer presale questions or offer targeted discounts. You're also going to automate the front line support 24/7, answering questions, providing real-time order status tracking, right? The things that take up a lot of time you're gonna be able to automate.  
And list building as well. Targeted discount offers, price drop notifications, cart savers. Getting their email into your list and your messenger list to be able to hit them over and over and not only close the sale now, but increase your customer lifetime value by continuously marketing to them. So, a lot that you can do here, all you need to do is press the green Add App button on the Shopify App Store. 
That's going to get this installed in your store. I'm gonna do the same right now and we're gonna walk through a setup right now. You're gonna see just how powerful this is. Once we install, we're gonna be brought onto the onboarding. First thing we'll want to do is customise the display settings. 
We're going to give it a name. See the name up top here. We could add our logo. We can customise it with our colours and our fonts as well as the placement. Whether it's going to be on the bottom right or the bottom left. So I added in our brand name, Animal Lover Shopping Assistant and added in our logo. Put my primary colours. I even changed the font over here. Then we're going to save and continue. Now we are into the kind of guide here to get everything set up and there's a lot that we can do over here. Literally going to be able to see kind of how everything looks right over here on the right hand side. This is going to be our live preview section and when we have different sections over here, we literally just check them all. You see that the live preview is going to update exactly as our options kind of go. So we see all these different options. 
Let's say, for example, we didn't want to have a discount coupon bot, we could remove that. And if we didn't want to have live chat, we could remove that. we could take off FAQ. I'm going to add in some more of these over here and we can go like that. 
And we'll go into Save and continue. We're going to basically go through each step here to set up the different bots that we decided to configure, right? So if you had all the bots configured they'd be all listed here. If you only have, let's say best seller bot, you'd only have one. 

Customizing the Maisie Chatbot

So we'll now go through and kind of configure each of these. So our chatbot can run right out of the box and when it comes to bestsellers, right, we could automatically display the top five products, right? If you don't have a lot of sales, as a demo store, it's gonna be better to create a list yourself. 
And really all we need to do is come over here, we can search through our products. We're going to find all of our different Shopify products. we can go ahead and customise the ones that we want to show for our top five products and we even have configurations like showing the price. 
And and again we have that live preview over here that we could actually click through and see how it's going to look. 
So we come over into the bot elements again. You see the little text here? We could of course customise that to any type of message that we want. Now, we're going to go over into the new in-store right. 
Again, the same idea we could automatically display at the five newest and you see, we can refresh products, every seven days, 30 or 60 days over here. And we could also do it manually as well. If we wanted to promote some specific products, see how it's going to look again in this area. 
Now we go into the order status and we're gonna have a little message here. That is going to be that first reply. Once they want to start order status, please enter the order number into the box and click the send arrow. And they'll be able to, for example, you'll see this is a little kind of example that they put in there, right? 
They'll put in their order. You can customise this to be anything you want. You could say something, like, will be able to look up your order, right? So we could have all these different messages customising them in here as we save and continue. This time, the discount, the discount coupon, right? 
We could have a couple different settings here, whether it's by dollar, or by percent, you see how it's going to look over here. Right. We'll have the different bot elements to have the different text. We can customise everything, right? I'm gonna talk about where we're going to be sending this whether it's email or Facebook Messenger. 
Again, we're going to be able to collect that data to build our list and we're going to come over here. We'll do a $10 value discount of 10 bucks and we have our 10OFF discount code. That we have created over here and we'll press save and continue. So what we want to customise our live chat we want to be able to kind of make it as human as possible and you can even upload a document you could add your own image here, great to actually add a person's face here. Going to give some more credibility to this brand. 
The most important part of this page is right here in the available tab and this is going to be where we're going to be able set your time zone and then you'll be able to set your hours of availability. 
Say, we want to do seven to seven every day. We could also make it Monday to Friday if you're not gonna be doing on weekends, email notification, right? This is really cool. If you don't respond to a channel after X amount of seconds to send an email. So you get basically paid to say, hey, someone's over here. 
Show customers the unavailable message if no one responds within 30 seconds to let them know they're live. So we have all these controls again, this is just our initial setup over here. And what we want to do is basically review what we've created and we can even add elements, remove elements to see the little delete the edit, right? This allows us to kind of go through everything and literally see how it's going to perform on our store thing. Looks the way that we want, right. If we want to change anything we can come back into the settings at any time. 
But now we're going to click publish. It literally easy is now live on your site And I'm going to show you how this looks. We're going to go to the dashboard first, but this is incredibly easy to set up and very powerful and not only is it easy to set up but we have a full dashboard here. 
So we have a full understanding of whether this is working right? How much attributed revenue did we get? How many active users? How many subscribers? How many order and shipping requests have? We had how much time is that standing next, right? How many headaches have gone away because we can do automatic customer service? How many sales did we add because we were able to nurture that customer with that personalised selling environment. 
So it's incredibly powerful, no doubt about that. As we walk through, we're going to see different kinds of setups here. Inside of the dashboard. We have conversation flows, modules, display settings. Of course going to be stuff like the look and feel, the actual configuration. Of course how they recommend you, fill out all these sections branded to your brand. 
Name, your logo, of course, your colour scheme. Even secondary colours, messenger bots, right? We can set up abandoned cart rescue. This is a must-have, right? Very easy to set this up as well literally. Just going to have a messenger bot for, And this is in this case, the Facebook section messenger bought for cart abandoned, right? 
How about we go ahead and get those carts back and there's a full integration section over here. So you can connect your Facebook account as well as kind of having that automatic Facebook page, right? When you connect your Facebook account, it's going to connect the page and messenger. So you really only need to do one thing over here and it's super powerful. 
Definitely go ahead and step through that. So you get that connected and then you go ahead and set up your abandoned cart. You'll also be able to take a look at the audiences that you built to get. Make sure that we have our Facebook integration done down here at Integrations, but we'll see our number of subscribers, number added, number blocked. 
You'll see even the Facebook subscribers down here to their profile picture level and of course email subscribers captured where we can export to any email provider we want. 
Now I want to show everything in action. You see that I'm on my Animals Lover site and we have our chatbot right down here. How may I be of assistance? And why are they showing these. Well these are the quick replies we actually set up. 
We could do live chat. Discounts. Where's my order? Get product ideas? Literally all the different things that we had set up. You see our branding as well, right? Here's our logo in here. So we're talking about product ideas, right? Trying to get some sales, right? So we could say, show me what's popular.
Show me what's new. We already know what's gonna be in here, right? We can configure this with those specific cat products that I added in here. We're going to see those right inside. And this should look very familiar. Why? Because we did that preview, right? We set the pricing to show for those first three cat products. We didn't show it for the personalised options, right? 
We literally have everything right inside here and we have the ability to get to do everything. We have where’s my order?, we have give me a discount, and this allows the customer to sign up for our $10 discount email, right? We're gonna be able to literally enter in our email and this is going to get added into our email list. 
So this is all conversational commerce. This is really scratching the surface. There's so much that we can do here. You can really lead them into specific products. You see we get product ideas. We can even do a product recommendation quiz where they answer questions or prompts like this. And this results in different products being shown. Similar to this, where it's new or popular, right? 
You could literally send them to individual products. There's so many different ways to customise this and make it a really powerful selling and customer service tool. 
So that was Maisie Chatbots and Live Chat 2.0. 
You saw just how easy it was to get this installed. And see just how powerful it is when this is running on your store. We were just scratching the surface in this video. 
I highly recommend this app. See the link directly below this video jump, right in. Get this app installed, take advantage of that free trial and you're gonna see just how powerful this is. You're gonna improve conversion. Automate that frontline support, and do list building. All of that at the same time. 
Highly recommended conversational commerce. Definitely the future. You're going to be able to implement it right now with this app. So get it in there. 
Hope this helps you make some money and I'll talk to you real soon. Thanks.